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I'm foremost a creator, not the typical "tech/IT" guy. I work with the "soft" values like, ideas, writing, design, colors and shapes. 

I have an everlasting flow of ideas, some better than others, these ideas has proven to be of some use when it comes to helping organisations grow. 

You might ask yourself then why the h*ll are you working with a digitalisation consultancy? Fair enough, here's my answer:

Digitalisation is what happens in the intersection of tech and the human behavior, I'm the human behavior guy.

When the mentioned soft values meets tech, numbers, models, calculations -  that's where the magic happens and creates great value.

At TeQflo I get to test and explore these ideas. I also get to apply them in many different fields as we have customers that works in various industries. This also means I get an insight in so many different fields and worlds, which is really awesome and meaningful.

The philosophy of the organisation is what I love the most:

  • Self management: We aspire for everyone to become co-responsible, not just being great co-workers. The mission, vision, values and mindsets provides direction. Together we make the path. 
  • Wholeness: We want you to bring your full self to work, not just the skills but also the personality and commitment. This way, your life will be more fulfilling while the TeQflo journey also benefits.
  • Evolutionary purpose: We will evolve into our purpose as a company. Nature evolves and what could be more natural for a start-up business? Customer challenges generate work and experience. The contributions and development of o-responsibles creates new business opportunities to explore. 


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