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Many companies have a business centered vision, so do we. In addition, we have a clear vision of a great culture and workplace, we call it TeQfloLife. 

Life is a journey. We we want to support your journey, professionally and personally. We care. We strive for healthy and happy lives. We evolve together.  #TeQfloLife

We're not the ordinary company in recruitment either: 

  • We match up (not recruit)
  • We match up continously 
  • We sign when match and timing align - for both parties

Please see our open positions below. 


“In just a couple of decades, the communication revolution brings together billions of people and the countless machines around them, globally and in real time. The world is digitalised, globalised, virtualised and becomes interactive.” Alexander Bard, Jan Söderqvist in the book Synteism

Digitalisation is not merely a buzz word, it is here to stay and to drive change. Internet is the driver of a new paradigm, the same way the printing press drove the development before. TeQflo was founded with the mission Smart Tech Flowing for Society. Our vision is to build an international Digitalisation company. 

For us, digitalisation is when humans meet technology (services and products) and processes (not to be confused with digitisation where analogue to digital). Digitalisation offers great opportunities going forward for companies to Improve, Grow and Change. We help midsize and young growth companies become digital masters.

Many companies have a business centered vision, so do we. In addition, we have a clear vision of a great workplace, we call it TeQfloLife. Life is a journey. We we want to support your journey, both in professional development and personal growth. Though we are a small start-up, the direction is clear. We will evolve there together in #TeQfloLife!

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TeQfloLife BLOG

TeQfloLife Blog

TeQflo timeline

From startup to scaleUp in one year

Founded and first logo

TeQflo finally opened shop. Our first logo was crafted with a highlighted (and bulky) Q later to be improved. 

First customer - Woody Bygghandel

The importance getting your first customer cannot be overstated. Thank you Woody Bygghandel for believing in us! 

First employees arrive

I January our first employees arrived adding vital skills in IT architecture, operations and products. Welcome!

TeQflo Values and Mindsets

We gave it some real thought and stated our 9C’s in our values and mindsets. They provide us with direction and guiding points to our behavior. 

Grow, Improve and Change defined

When skills are wide, we decoded digitalisation into three buckets summarising our offering: Improve, Grow and Change

Hubspot partnership signed - Grow area luanched

Digitalise for growth was in plan for 2019. The partnership with Hubspot enabled us to jump into launch mode. We also became most certified in inbound marketing and sales in Sweden. 

Larger Malmö office

We quickly grew out of our startup room and took over the full office. In just 2 weeks we cleaned house and put a workable office in place. 

Groundbreaking gamification delivered

Our gamification solution was launched at the same time as Amazon's. 

Continued growth - more co-workers join us

More co-workers joined us through-out 2019!

TeQflo Amsterdam launched

The international story of TeQflo started in Amsterdam.


"The most exciting breakthroughs of the twenty-first century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human." John Naisbitt

We are a young company growing up, and so will our culture. We believe actions and people shape the culture. Our core values are:

  • Customer value creation: We are very little without customers. Creating value is our natural compass, for our customers and for us.  
  • Care for you: We strive to continously improve our workplace. Collaboration, friendship, happiness and health in life.  

Strengthening our core values are our mindsets which mirrors the way we wish to act and behave, see below.

So you will be involved creating the culture you wish, pretty cool right?



TeQflo Mindsets

Mindsets strengthen our values guiding our behavior

Candid communication
We always strive for being communicative, straightforward and honest. We believe good communication creates trust and we continually should strive for improvement.
Collaborative ways
Externally and internally, collaboration makes us all better. Sharing, learning and team work are key for both us and our customers.
Committed service
Sometimes you feel life was simpler before. We like handshakes and we commit to our promises.
Character diveristy
We believe diversity enriches us in so many ways including learning and personal growth. Character diversity is key for our success.
Cheerful workplace
The boundary between work and spare-time is artificial nowadays. It's about enjoying both in harmony. We strive for work & play.
Curious minds
Education and skills can to be obtained by almost anyone. We love the explorers who learn and innovate. Together we are digitalisation explorers.


"The ultimate goal in life is not to be successful or loved, but to become the truest expression of ourselves, to live into authentic selfhood...and be of service to humanity and our world. In Teal, life is seen as a journey of personal and collective unfolding toward our true nature."  Fredric Laloux, Reinventing organizations. 

The industrial era, where we first bought machines and then expected the employees to function like machines, are coming to an end. Enter the human workplace powered by digital tools. 

We envision a healthy sustainable workplace where "I for the team" is natural. A place to enjoy, learn, share and grow. As a person and as group. 

At TeQflo we strive for 3 principles:

  • Self management: We aspire for everyone to become co-responsible. We trust you to do what is the best for the business.  
  • Wholeness: We care, like and see you for who you are. We want you to bring your full self to work, not just the skills but also the personality and commitment. Fulfilling for you, enriching for all. 
  • Evolutionary purpose - we will evolve into our purpose as a company. The mission, vision, values and mindsets provides direction. We make the path.


It's never too soon to craft great perks and benefits. And as we grow and evolve, so will the benefits and perks.

  • Well crafted Incentive program

    We share value as we create it through Comfort pay, Excellence pay and Co-ownership​. Of course we pay taxes, social security and pensions; basics are in place.

  • Work tools for success and development

    We provide you with the work tools to succeed. No more, no less.

  • Training bonus

    Yes, it's true. We pay you to exercise. Your also invited to the TeQflo Strava club and we do races together.

  • The journey building a great company

    Every once in a while a "train" with great potential leaves the station. The TeQflo journey has just started. Come and build a great company with us!

Why our people work here

You might not get a chance like this again during a life time, being a part of building something together, it’s a lot of work, but the challenge and satisfaction is so much higher.

Martin Hallbeck Business intellegence & Project lead

Working with very skilled, great people but also the vision of TeQflo and the progressive organizational structure, I think that’s a model that fits me perfectly.

Mikael Lindquist

It’s warm and cozy in the comfort zone, familiar and safe. But stepping out of the comfort zone is something you need to do if you want to grow or take on a new challenge.

Jonas Lundh Growth consultant digital marketing

Derbyvägen 6E
212 35 Malmö Directions info@teqflo.com 010-510 0900 View page


Fred. Roeskestraat 115
1076 EE Amsterdam Directions vincent.onderdenlinden@teqflo.com View page


Alviks strand
167 51 Bromma Directions info@teqflo.se 010-510 0900 View page

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