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The Worlds Shortest Paddle Career & The New Workout Plan

TeQfloLife continues the blog series from behind the scenes of TeQflo by digging into the relation between exercise, workout, physical, mental well-being and work-life.

As many other aspects of the TeQflo company, the view on physical exercise is different from the standards. Let me tell you all about it.

Move your *ss – Be better

The science is becoming quit clear, physical activity is essential for our well-being, it prevents diseases, it increases your mental health and in the end makes you a happier and more productive person.

When it all comes around it’s your own responsibility to attend your physical activity. Most people would agree that being active, wether it’s running, going to the gym, playing tennis, yoga or whatever, is important, still many people do it too seldom or worse, never at all.


But we're only human, and human nature is to be lazy, so taking the time to work up a sweat isn’t always as easy as it might look. 


In Sweden, we have the system of “friskvårdsbidrag”. Meaning if an employee signs up at a gym or membership fee for an athletics club, the employer can compensate the cost as a way to encourage physical activity. That’s a pretty good incentive, but do you know anyone who bought a gym membership, bought all the right gear, started eating healthier and drinking protein shakes, only to fall of after a couple of weeks, never using their membership again while the monthly fee keeps on ticking?

I do, and you probably do to, so the TeQflo model, in my opinion, takes it to the next level, the workout bonus.



The Workout Bonus

People come in all shapes and sizes, some of us are runners, some do yoga and some walk. But no matter interest, will-power or physical appearance we can all be active and we can all challenge ourselves to become just a bit better, a bit faster or stronger.

The TeQflo workout bonus is exactly what it sounds like, a bonus paid out in relation to your physical activity, you’re literally getting paid to be active, running, walking, playing football or going to the gym!

“The science is clear, being physically active leads to a better life. Our body and brain functions better, our sleep improves and we become happier. Naturally, we perform better which is great for our customers boosting results. Moreover, we want to stimulate our co-workers to live better lives, on the job but also outside. Therefore, the workout bonus model is a great tool living our value Care for you.” Says Henrik Börjesson, founder of TeQflo.



We have some informal collective activities going on, at least once a week some of my fellow co-workers plays paddle. For some, that doesn’t fit the schedule or you might not like the sports and that’s fine. That’s the beauty of the system, you’re not forced into anything, you’re just encouraged to pursuit any activity that you find enjoyable. 

The worlds shortest paddle career


My own paddle career was very brief, I took about 3 minutes before I hurt my knee and that was it. Nowadays I workout at the gym a couple of days a week by myself, some of my colleagues, runs, bikes or take walks. So to sum it up, it’s a healthy program for health, personally I think we have found the perfect model that helps me stay in shape without feeling any pressure or judgement.

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