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André Kronvall - TeQflo Rookie

Just the other week, André Kronvall joined the TeQflo crew as a Customer success manager. Straight away he makes his debut in the TeQfloLife blog and shares his thoughts on his first days here and being new at work, cheers!

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André Kronvall - Customer Success Manager, TeQflo



To be new at work is a special feeling. You have energy, will and a driving force, feeling unstoppable. At least until you actually sit down and start working. Suddenly, you’re transformed back to a little schoolboy, a bit modest, a bit uneased and worrying about what you really got yourself into.

That’s the way it’s been when I started new positions in the past, but with just a couple of weeks at TeQflo, I'm off to a flying start, feel right at home with the group and the business model. From day one I noticed a very carefully designed onboarding process, although we’re still relatively few people hired and in constant change as expected by a new company.

But there's a clear plan for in which direction we’re heading together and a lot of room for input, opinions, and feelings.

There’s a clear goal on where we’re heading with the new roles that are taking shape and where these roles fit in the puzzle and are designed to function as we grow.

A great culture cuts across TeQflo, built on two simple, but oh so difficult, foundational ideas. That is that together we’re going to build a healthy business and have fun doing so.

Our business idea, taking the position between a classic IT consultancy and a management firm is rather unique. To change the ways of a company or increase sales, create more and better leads is important, but by tying this together with in-depth skills and knowledge in IT gives us a unique position and makes us a great partner for our customers.

We use a proven methodology linked with IT and tech. Were people meets tech, simple as that! We digitalize, we don’t digitize.

I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months at TeQflo. Who knows where we’ll be in 12 months? No one...but it’s a pleasure being a part of the journey!

Together we create digital masters!


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