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IT Consultant(s)

IT Consultant(s)

TeQflo is a growing digitalisation company helping midsize and your growth companies Grow, Improve and Change. We're all about creating digital masters and a great company to work for.

Have you ever been curious on building a new company while helping customers solve for challenging and interesting digitalisation projects? If so, how about the opportunity to join an ambitious, growing digitalisation consultancy company? Now we need more talents on our team. Are you looking for a new challenge and really good at IT? Then keep reading and welcome to the TeQflo journey!

Who we are
TeQflo means Smart Tech Flowing and was founded late 2017. We help midsize and young growth companies Grow, Improve and Change through consultancy and services. We see digitalisation as the intersection of technology and human behaviour. It's not only about IT and technology anymore. It's about the humans interacting with technology and how organisations adapt to changes. We have decided to help our customers succeed. Our goal is to make our customers Digital Masters. 

What we are looking for
We are looking for talented IT-consultants to help solve our customer challenges. It's preference that you master multiple skills, especially when we are young company as our customer challenges vary a lot. As we grow, we will specialise.

In terms of language, Swedish is important short-term. Again, as we grow we'll welcome more nationalities. That's why we write in English.  

Foremost, we are looking for curious minds open for development. Previous experiences have taught us that the best recruitments often are based on the (true) cliche "hire for attitude and train for skills". What's a good fit? Well, we see ourselves as ambitious, prestigeless and we act with integrity. Also, we like having a good time and tend to mix work, play and exercise. Sounds like a good match? Great, we want to hear from you! 

What we offer
TeQflo is about the vision to create a great company, both for our customers and employees. We offer a mix of benefits, perks and a fulfilling way to organise. We offer a collaborative and developing environment learning from experienced and skilled colleagues. 

Benefits and perks:

  • Well crafted Incentive program - we share value as we create it. We divide it into Comfort pay, Excellence pay and Co-ownership. Yes, we also offer an exercise bonus.
  • Work tools for success and development - We provide you with the work tools to succeed. No more, no less.
  • Wholeness in life and work - Most employers contract your skills alone. We want the full you. Why? Development and wholeness make up a happier life, it's that simple. 
  • The journey building a great company - Every once in a while a "train" with great potential leaves the station. Come and build a great company with us.

In organisation we strive for 3 principles:

  • Self management: We aspire for everyone to become co-responsible, not just being great co-workers. 
  • Wholeness: We want you to bring your full self to work, not just the skills but also the personality and commitment. 
  • Evolutionary purpose: We will evolve into our purpose as a company. The mission, vision, values and mindsets provides direction. Together we make the path. 

TeQflo is a small but growing company having seen great traction in the market. If there's a mutual match between us we'd love to connect. Let's have coffee or lunch and get started getting to know each other. 

Usually responds within two weeks

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

Derbyvägen 6E
212 35 Malmö Directions info@teqflo.com 010-510 0900 View page


Alviks strand
167 51 Bromma Directions info@teqflo.se 010-510 0900 View page


It's never too soon to craft great perks and benefits. And as we grow and evolve, so will the benefits and perks.

  • Well crafted Incentive program

    We share value as we create it through Comfort pay, Excellence pay and Co-ownership​. Of course we pay taxes, social security and pensions; basics are in place.

  • Work tools for success and development

    We provide you with the work tools to succeed. No more, no less.

  • Training bonus

    Yes, it's true. We pay you to exercise. Your also invited to the TeQflo Strava club and we do races together.

  • The journey building a great company

    Every once in a while a "train" with great potential leaves the station. The TeQflo journey has just started. Come and build a great company with us!


"The most exciting breakthroughs of the twenty-first century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human." John Naisbitt

We are a young company growing up, and so will our culture. We believe actions and people shape the culture. Our core values are:

  • Customer value creation: We are very little without customers. Creating value is our natural compass, for our customers and for us.  
  • Care for you: We strive to continously improve our workplace. Collaboration, friendship, happiness and health in life.  

Strengthening our core values are our mindsets which mirrors the way we wish to act and behave, see below.

So you will be involved creating the culture you wish, pretty cool right?

Already working at TeQflo?

Let’s recruit together and find your next colleague.

  • Andree Renneus
  • André Kronvall
  • Ebru Belul
  • Henrik Börjesson
  • Johnny Josefsson
  • Jonas Hagberg
  • Jonas Lundh
  • Martin Carlsson
  • Martin Hallbeck
  • Vincent Onderdelinden

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